The Full Guardian Movie

From 2003 - A team of 5 at WXP worked closely with Seamus Blackly and Kevin Bachus from the industry rockstar but short lived CEG publishing group. Our team was chosen out of hundreds of developers these guys flew all over the world to interview. We accomplished this functional demo in less than 3 months with our own game engine, SPED.

The Macro Terra

This in the main weapon for the game "Project X"  I created this using Zbrush and Maya.  I had too much fun with the video! =)

A blast from the past!

I wanted to revisit some of the titles at WXP that helped shape the future of Gaming  - Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens, and The Isle of Morg - two titles that ran on the RIVA TNT Nvidia chipsets back in 1997.

WXP was one of the first companies to do Dot3 bump-mapping and hardware based transform and lighting. To put this in context, all other 3d games at this time were in coridors and hallways, we were the first to take it outside in vast outdoor expanses!  Other firsts included detail mapping, reflection mapping, and skinned bones driven character animation.  These demos are what led us to land Lord of the Rings for the first Xbox.

Here is a link to the Toms Hardware review of our benchmarking tool...  They still have the webpage archived!

A mix of screen shots of games past...

Some of the levels I designed and built in the past, here you will see shots from "Lord of the Rings, Fellowship of the Rings" (Vivendi-Universal) And "Project-X (2002)" and a soon to be released fantasy shooter for XBLA.

"Pinball RPG" game pitch, I still think it would be a great game!

A demo reel of the art I did as environment lead on Scene-It! Lights Camera Action

Some backgrounds for 'Scene-It! Lights, Camera, Action!" the game we had to create for Microsoft in 6 months with a team of 7 artists.

Another Background from the game.

A game demo in the Unreal Editor

I created this cinematic in the Unreal editor in about 2 weeks. I created all of the geometry, shaders, particles, cameras, and animations.  The characters meshes were from an older title.  It came out a little dark, but there is an option to view in HD, I recommend it.

FRI the 13th Concept

Real-Time concept art shown here in the Unreal Engine.  I created and lit this scene in under 2 weeks.

A game pitch from 2001

This game screen was for a game we designed a few years back, I still think it has great potential, especially on the mobile hardware.  Here are a couple screens Jeff, Lyndon and I created in about 2 days time...