A blast from the past!

I wanted to revisit some of the titles at WXP that helped shape the future of Gaming  - Dagoth Moor Zoological Gardens, and The Isle of Morg - two titles that ran on the RIVA TNT Nvidia chipsets back in 1997.

WXP was one of the first companies to do Dot3 bump-mapping and hardware based transform and lighting. To put this in context, all other 3d games at this time were in coridors and hallways, we were the first to take it outside in vast outdoor expanses!  Other firsts included detail mapping, reflection mapping, and skinned bones driven character animation.  These demos are what led us to land Lord of the Rings for the first Xbox.

Here is a link to the Toms Hardware review of our benchmarking tool...  They still have the webpage archived!


  1. I had been looking for this game forever (no idea what it was called) and finally found it today. Ahh, the memories! I can't believe how long ago it was. I loved exploring the environment so much (it really was a first to explore this type of outdoor environment in a video game), that I made up simple quests for my little sister to play, like "find the antenna tower", or "find a crystal cave", etc. Thanks for the memories.

  2. YES..... as a kid it was awesome!!! trying to figure out how to get it to work on win10..... if you have any help for me hit me up @ dixonconnections@gmail.com